There are no new fashions which had not challenged public opinion

A man who sticks to one and the same belief is not likely to develop. He will never be able to learn something which contradicts his belief, he will make no progress in his mind’s and scope’s development, he will remain the same all his life – and this life will be boring. Doubting is, as I have already said, a driving force of our civilization. There are no scientific inventions which were made without doubting the previously existing believes. There are no new fashions which had not challenged public opinion. There are no literature or music trends and styles which are entirely the same as their predecessors. At last, there are no living languages which remained on their initial stage of development.Doubting and belief are two completely opposite processes. Though they could hardly exist without each other. Without belief, the human consciousness falls apart; but without doubts it cannot develop. What is where no more belief or no more doubts there is no more human. Thus, doubts and belief are quite compatible, moreover, they are inseparable. Conscience is based upon belief, but it is built via doubting. Doubting and searching, we create, exercise and harden our souls, come to our beliefs, destroy them and build new ones. Throughout all our lives we test ourselves by means of doubting. And it’s gorgeous when our belief does not exclude doubts, in order to provide us with the room for development. Doubting helps people develop and improve the world and themselves.It is impossible only to believe, as well as it is impossible only Blinds fabric for sale to doubt. When we become conscious of that, we are the real humans.


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